‘Microblocks, vol. 2’ Out Now

‘Microblocks, vol. 2: Fuck the Police
Ambiance and Percussive Noise
Oakland and Berkeley, CA 11/23/14-12/7/14’ is a sample-pack composed of our field recordings from the demonstrations that swept the East Bay after Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo were not indicted for the murders of Mike Brown and Eric Garner. The recordings range from chants, ambient soundscapes and percussive, drum-like noise. These recordings are distributed for sound organizers to utilize them as building blocks in their own compositions. It is free to download.

The sample-pack comes with a short zine detailing the immediate political context of the recordings, along with photos from the demonstrations themselves.



McKenzie Wark on Donna Haraway and Cyborgs

‘There can be no retreat into the superstructures when there is no food, shelter or safety. The production and reproduction of our species-being, whatever it may be, has to be a central concern of any critical knowledge. Given the rising inequality, poverty and hunger in twenty-first century California, to which the state has responded by mirroring its great universities with a series of equally great prisons, questions of material need return at the heart of the empire.’


‘Total Mope’ #2 Out Now

My friend Zac and I publish zines together. We just finished up the 2nd ‘Total Mope.’ It’s got poems, an interview with Jasper Bernes of Commune Editions, a short story and some aphorisms.

My poem ‘Impasse Etudes’ and my aphoristic essay ‘On Speculative Pop’ are included in the collection. The poem is a meditation on practicing skills n techniques of listening to the disorderly crowd that might help ‘us’ to invent new forms of belonging-together, after the impasse. An ‘etude’ is a musical piece written for instrumentalists to practice specific techniques; I wrote a poem concerning ‘listening etudes.’ In the poem I define an impasse etude in the following way: ‘an impasse etude is designed to help practice our capacity for creating n sustaining alternative forms of sociality that might lead to futures beyond the impasse.’ It’s about developing skills and techniques, cultivating new ways of listening and being-with each other, etc.

The piece ‘On Speculative Pop’ is my first attempt to think through what, exactly, I mean when i say ‘speculative pop.’

The zine can be downloaded here: Total Mope