Bernard Stiegler: Reclaiming Individuation and New Modes of Existence

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A thought only has meaning if it has the force of reopening the indetermination of a future. … Trust, calculated, and reduced to this calculation, is thus automatically ruined: this is the principle of the decadence of the industrial democracies.

– Bernard Stiegler, The Decadence of Industrial Democracies

Stiegler is one of those new wave of French thinkers that has flown under the radar of most blogs. I’m not sure why. His thought grafts much of the 20th Century philosophical speculations into the parlance of a new century. It’s a political thought that seeks to understand the mechanisms of control in a – as he terms it, hyper-industrial era. Like many he centers on the ICTs – the information and communications technologies that form the basis of this global economic system of capital we see around us. But unlike many he doesn’t continuously critique the older forms of post-Fordist society…

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