Quote of the Day

I’m working on a short (~20 pages) essay for the field recording sample-pack I just finished up with the Field Recording Working Group. Eshun’s ‘More Brilliant than the Sun’ is helping me think the black electronic composition/Deleuze/Preciado/Angela Davis connection. Hopefully I’ll be posting up chunks of the essay in the next couple days…

“Electronic effects are destratifiers because they dissolve the organization of the instrument, liquefy the stratification of sound. In the Afrodelic Era, effects defect from cause, redistributing themselves until it’s impossible to hear which instrument generates which sound. A sound<>vision schizmatix emerges; audio escapes from its acoustic body, compelling a new menagerie of sound machinery, tweaking you to invent fictional instruments from World 4.

The distinction between real music and soundeffects collapses, in a stream of sonic matter that crosses from the liquid state of piano sustain into the gas state of mute horn vapourdrift. He Loved Him Madly is all derealization, vapour trails of originless sound, viscous drift of organ/trumpet/guitar. Macero remixes the organ from another session onto the PolyRhythmengine, filters the trumpet through the mixing desk, through effects designed by Columbia’s engineers,” Kodwo Eshun, More Brilliant than the Sun, p. 7


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