Just finished up the ‘Microblocks, vol. 1’ essay

‘Microblocks, vol.1’ is a found-sound percussion sample-pack created in Santa Cruz, CA. The accompanying essay seems to be about how field recording opens up new ways to think through the politics n poetics of social n sonic recomposition in this weird, violent moment.

here’s the link to the essay: Microblocks, vol. 1 essay

I posted it earlier, but the sample-pack itself (along with the essay) can found here: Microblocks, vol. 1 Sample-pack

We also printed a small (~40) batch of zines that come with a CD of the sample-pack, so lmk if yr interested in a physical copy n i can mail one yr way.

This particular sample-pack is the first of several in the ‘Microblocks’ series. I’m currently working on the second volume which will concentrate on chants and other acts of collective sound-making in soundscapes of struggle.