Annotated Playlist: Cover Songs

Justin Hogg on cover songs as a way of thinking and rethinking the world

This annotated playlist comes from Justin Hogg — a DJ, writer, activist, student, and basketball enthusiast living in Santa Cruz, California.

“Those crazy kids what will they do? They’re not a bit like me and you, with that crypto-punky psychobilly beat. They took your sacred rock ‘n’ roll, they stripped it down and they left a hole, then they filled it up with anger from the street. Hey hey hey hey, mutant beat freaks.” — Cleaners From Venus, “Summer in a Small Town”

A prelude

I was playing basketball the other day inside my local recreation center’s gym when I noticed I was being watched from the bleachers by an old white man. As I sank jumper after jumper I ducked inside for a lay-up. I made that too, but the decrepit onlooker chose to scowl at me and said in a scratchy voice, “You shouldn’t shoot like that…

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