‘Total Mope’ #2 Out Now

My friend Zac and I publish zines together. We just finished up the 2nd ‘Total Mope.’ It’s got poems, an interview with Jasper Bernes of Commune Editions, a short story and some aphorisms.

My poem ‘Impasse Etudes’ and my aphoristic essay ‘On Speculative Pop’ are included in the collection. The poem is a meditation on practicing skills n techniques of listening to the disorderly crowd that might help ‘us’ to invent new forms of belonging-together, after the impasse. An ‘etude’ is a musical piece written for instrumentalists to practice specific techniques; I wrote a poem concerning ‘listening etudes.’ In the poem I define an impasse etude in the following way: ‘an impasse etude is designed to help practice our capacity for creating n sustaining alternative forms of sociality that might lead to futures beyond the impasse.’ It’s about developing skills and techniques, cultivating new ways of listening and being-with each other, etc.

The piece ‘On Speculative Pop’ is my first attempt to think through what, exactly, I mean when i say ‘speculative pop.’

The zine can be downloaded here: Total Mope


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