Power is Logistic. Block Everything



3 thoughts on “Power is Logistic. Block Everything

  1. were you on the scene?
    On Monday, protesters from an offshoot of Black Lives Matter shut down traffic for about 30 minutes on the westbound Bay Bridge. Twenty-five people were arrested after they chained themselves to vehicles that blockaded the bridge. The action was organized by Black.Seed, which describes itself as a “Black, queer liberation collective.” In a statement, the group said it shut down the bridge in solidarity with Martin Luther King Jr. and to take a stand against racism.


    • no. i was at the march put on by the Anti Police Terror Project that was going on at the same time.
      both actions (and the many others that went on this weekend) were part of a tactical effort to disrupt the flow of traffic, laborers, commodities etc central to the area’s economy.
      many of the organizers and speakers touched throughout the weekend (but Monday’s march especially) on how the agenda of black liberation/ #BlackLivesMatter is dependent upon dismantling capitalism, and framed their actions as such both theoretically and practically.

      the article below covers the march i was at. Boots Riley spoke for a good while about all of this.


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